Embryo Transfer


AllStock (WA) Pty Ltd has a fully operational embryo collection centre. We are also fully equipped to perform embryo transfers on farm to maintain property biosecurity.

Each season, we collect and transfer in excess of 10 000 fresh embryos, freeze 3000 embryos and thaw 1000 embryos. A majority of the frozen embryos are for export and include numerous sheep breeds. The thawed embryos are imported from other countries.

AllStock (WA) Pty Ltd is committed to providing the highest standards of surgery, sterility, animal welfare and embryo assessment, to achieve the best possible result for your investment.

On average the centre collects 6 to 8 transferable embryos per adult donor ewe and on average 4 to 6 transferable embryos per maiden donor ewes. Conception rates for embryo transfer programs average approximately 60%.

 Why use Embryo Transfer (ET)?

  • Can increase the number of lambs produced from a breeders top performing ewes.
  • Enables breeders to maximize genetic gain by using superior genetics from both the males and the females.
  • Allows breeders to import and export genetics between states and internationally.
  • Reduces the risk of disease transfer.
  • Embryos can be chilled for a period of time enabling genetics to be collected at one location and transferred into recipients on another property or interstate.

What does Embryo Transfer involve?

Embryo Transfer involves the programming of donors (the ewes embryos are collected from). At the same time, recipients are programmed (the surrogate mothers the fertilized embryos are transferred into).

Donor ewes are superovulated, inseminated and surgically flushed. Embryos are implanted into commercial grade recipient ewes. Embryos can be frozen and stored for transfer at your convenience.

Technology that is developed and exclusive to AllStock (WA), coupled with experienced teams of veterinarians, embryologists and nurses, ensures our programs the greatest possibility of success. Your valuable animals are in the safest possible hands.

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