Artificial Insemination


AllStock (WA) Pty Ltd experienced veterinarians inseminate in excess of 20,000 ewes annually and achieve an average conception rate above 70%.

Why use Laparoscopic Artificial Insemination (AI)?

  • Utilisation of fresh or frozen semen, enabling flexibility in sire selection and the use of “elite” sires that may not be available for physical sale.
  • Allows the use of sires from numerous countries around the world.
  • Enables a breeder to use a single elite sire over many ewes in a single day.
  • Maximum conception rates using frozen semen.
  • Can minimise the risk of disease transfer.
  • Enables progeny testing of rams, either through semen purchased or the use of on-farm bred young rams.
  • Very simple program with limited input required by owner.
  • Enables a concise lambing.

AllStock (WA) Pty Ltd is committed to providing the highest standards of surgery, sterility, animal welfare and semen assessment, to attain you the best possible result for your investment.

Our dedicated staff are available to assist in any queries and provide prompt communication and technical support.


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