Sheep Ultrasound Pregnancy Testing

AllStock (WA) Pty Ltd Scanning Service
Our scanners use a simple walk-through system that can be set up at the end of a race or inside a shed. It also has a drafting system attached to enable dry ewes, single bearing ewes and multiple bearing ewes to be separated into different mobs.
The speed of the testing depends on how the sheep run and rates of more than 300 sheep per hour are possible.
We use a BCF Oviscan 4-sector scanner that is the most modern and efficient scanning machine.
Our scanning technicians have been formally trained to pregnancy test sheep and have a certificate of competency.
      Why Scan?
      Increase your farm efficiency by:
  • Improving survival rate of twins due to differential feeding. Increased birth weight of twins not only improves survival but also increases weaning weight.
  • Improving the survival of twin bearing ewes by differential feeding in order to prevent pregnancy toxaemia.
  • Maximisation of wool production from twin bearing ewes by maintaining adequate feed.
  • Splitting of dry ewes.
  • Selling of dry ewes or placing them in a later joining program so as to avoid keeping empty ewes for a whole year.
  • Separation of early and late lambers, to enable differential feeding and ease of management during lambing.
  • Identification of ram performance after 42 days post joining.
  • Identification of multiple bearing ewes to genetically improve flock fertility.
  • Monitoring reproductive performance and the causes of low lamb marking percentages.
 When is the best time to scan?
 Multiples can be accurately identified between 42 and 102   days of pregnancy. (Ideally 80 to 90 days post joining).
 Wet and dry ewes can be determined from 42 days of pregnancy onwards.


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