Semen Collection


 AllStock (WA) Pty Ltd provide a complete semen service including collection, storage and dispatch in a hygienic facility.

Why Have Semen Frozen from Rams?
  • Ensures breeders can use valuable rams in the breeding season, providing insurance against death, injury, disease and infertility.
  • Enables breeders to sell semen from valuable rams to various breeders, providing additional income.
  • Enables breeders to market their genetics nationally and internationally.
  • Reduces disease transfer as all semen frozen is tested for infections that can be transmitted in semen.
 Semen Processing
Semen collected at our centre is processed and stored in accordance with the standards and code of practice of the Australia Association of Artificial Breeders.
 While under our care, the rams are health tested to ensure they are free of disease. All semen processed is collected from a ram that is Brucella ovis and Actinobacillus seminis negative. This ensures the health of your rams is maintained while in our care.
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