Storage & Despatch


AllStock (WA) Pty Ltd offers a comprehensive storage and despatch service with up to date inventory available upon request.  Goblets of ovine sire semen and embryos are stored  at minus 197 degrees in liquid nitrogen in either our large storage tank or owner dewars. 
Tanks are regularly inspected by trained, professional staff.

Why store frozen sire semen at AllStock (WA)? 
  • Storing goblets of frozen semen or embryos gives the client readily accessible ovine semen when organising their Artificial Insemination or Embryo Transfer program.
  • Clients can have a prized ram collected, stored and readily available for use in their own AI/ET program or to despatch to a prospective purchaser.
  • Collecting and storing semen from a prized ram can give the owner peace of mind.
  • Purchasing and storing goblets of frozen semen allows the client to forward purchase genetics from within Australia or overseas ready to use in their AI/ET programs.
  • All semen stored at AllStock (WA) Pty Ltd is stored in individual locations and is tracked and monitored using storage software. All storage tanks are regularly tested to ensure genetics are in the safest possible hands.
Despatch and shipment of semen goblets 
  • AllStock (WA) Pty Ltd is able to organise the transfer of semen in storage to any purchaser of genetics in Australia.
  • Despatch of goblets of semen and embryos is usually sent to the purchasing client via a courier or Australia Post in a dry liquid nitrogen canister.
  • Our dedicated staff coordinate the client requests for the despatch of semen and embryos to eastern states centres, keeping the freight costs to a minimum, and also exporting semen & embryos to overseas purchasers  where the protocol allows. (please see export section for information on exporting semen)



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